Jaw Drop Shark Tooth Necklace 19"


Elegant Gold Shark Tooth Necklace with Pink Quartz

Jaws will drop over this teardrop statement piece with its bold yet delicate design. It will make you rethink pink! Featuring a real fossilized shark tooth dating back millions of years ago and found by Foxy Fossils owner, Casey, in Charleston, SC. 


  • 14K gold-filled chain/metals that are durable and hypoallergenic (links soldered together & will not fade/tarnish)
  • 19" chain | wear solo or with other necklaces
  • REAL fossil shark tooth | ethically & legally hand-collected by us | gilded gold to elevate style
  • Embellished with light rose quartz glass pendant | teardrop | exquisite color
  • HANDMADE in Charleston, SC | only one of each | original | artisan made


Please note each necklace features a genuinely unique fossil shark tooth that has been hand-picked from nature by Foxy Fossils owner, Casey Garvin, and your necklace may not be exactly as pictured.