Straccio Rico is an artisan boutique based in Charleston, South Carolina that focuses only on handmade, ethical, and sustainable fashion from around the world. Every piece is unique and thoughtfully handcrafted by female artisans using high-quality materials.
We are dedicated to connecting the world directly with our artisans through ethical sourcing and honest production.  At Straccio Rico, we showcase our own line of artisanal designs for both retail and wholesale.
The name Straccio Rico came from the Italian word, “Straccio,” which means "rags" and the Spanish word “Rico,” meaning rich(es). Our founder Emarie June, is also a mix of Latina and Italian, giving us the idea to mix the two languages.  We incorporated the the two words which are also reflected in the slogan, "Rags to Riches" and used this to form our name and as the basis of our brand.  It reflects our dedication of creating dignified job opportunities through the promotion of many traditional art forms.
Straccio Rico’s mission is to create a sustainable avenue for quality artisan products & while being able to supply a steady income to each of our artisans. When it comes to our Wayuu bags, we work hard on preserving Wayuu culture and traditions.
Straccio Rico honors the different cultures, motivates local entrepreneurial spirits, and empowers families and communities.
At Straccio Rico, we want to create an outlet for socially responsible consumers who are seeking a sustainable alternative to mass-produced clothing and accessories. We are dedicated to changing the way people shop.
At Straccio Rico, you know where your goods are coming from, how they are made and exactly who made them.
We share with you the true story behind each item, including the artisans' history and the traditional technique used to craft every piece is our way of empowering our artisan partners and giving them a voice.
It is important to us that we create an environment where our artisan partners can make decisions about their crafts, gain opportunities for their family business, and bring their personal designs to fruition. Through this dignified job opportunity, Wayuu artisans partner with Straccio Rico to lift themselves out of poverty while doing something they love.