Each ethical mochila you purchase directly empowers the woman that made it through fair wages, safe working environments, & sustainable jobs!

Hi Chila Babes! My name is Emarie June, 19, and I am the owner of the fairtrade company, Straccio Rico. I am a mix of of Venezuelan and Italian, which is how I decided on the name. “Straccio” meaning rags in Italian & “Rico” meaning rich in Spanish... “Rags to Riches”! Therefore, helping to provide and help our artisans go from “Rags to Riches!” My grandmother, Marty, and I started “Straccio Rico” a little over a year and a half ago because it has always been my dream to own a small business & make an impact on the world while doing so. I thought what better way to do that then by helping the people from my home & roots of Venezuela. This business we have built together is my heart and soul and I can not wait to continue to grow it with all of you by my side.

Our goal is to help the artisans of the Wayuu community in Riohacha, Colombia maintain a steady income through their beautiful handmade Wayuu mochila bags. In Riohacha, an artisan may sit at the market in extreme heat for an entire day in hopes to sell a single bag. We want to help get their amazing talent out to the rest of the world so they can spend more time being creative and doing what they love! Every mochila is helping to empower female artisans of the Wayuú community. Spreading their love of handmade mochilas with the rest of the world will forever be my passion. What keeps me going the most is knowing that by doing what I love, I am making a huge impact on these amazingly talented artisan. 💕


Emarie & Marty