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Our story began in 2018 in a small office inside our house in Charleston, SC. With only one desk and a determined grandmother and granddaughter, our brand was born. Our passion for unique design and giving back made our vision, and products, come to life.

Our products are handmade by the artisans of the Wayuu tribe in Colombia, South America, where Straccio Rico merges traditional and modern day designs into every product. We bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, care, and having products that everyone can enjoy. Colorful, creative, and inspired by what we see everyday, each product represents what we love about the world we live in. We hope they’ll inspire you too.

-Emarie & Marty

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What makes us different?

Straccio Rico is not your average brand, it's a mission to give back and make a difference in each of our makers lives through fairtrade & ethical practices. Straccio Rico works alongside 4 families, 45 Wayuu artisans, who reside in the La Guajira peninsula, a desert area in the northeast of Colombia. The Wayuu are known for their beautiful hand-woven "Wayuu mochila" bags. Where the Wayuu reside, there is high poverty, little job opportunity, and a lack of availability to essential resources. The Wayuu rely heavily on the income of their Wayuu bags, however, when they are selling among other tribe members and located in a place with little to no tourists, selling their bags is very difficult. 

 This is where we step in! Straccio Rico works with its team of artisans to design trendy and versatile Wayuu bags that will appeal to all audiences. We work diligently to share and sell these amazing pieces of art to people like you! This allows our Wayuu artisans to be able to count on a consistent income every month and provide for their families. When we purchase our bags from our artisans, we aren't just buying their work, we are paying them fairly. In addition, 10% of every bag sold is put towards a goal that we and our families decide on together. Due to the lack of power at their rancherias, our current goal is to provide each of the families with solar panels. Help us brighten their day! When you shop with us, you are making a difference in our artisans' lives. We greatly appreciate all the support!
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