Why the Wayuu mochila is the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Why the Wayuu mochila is the perfect addition to your wardrobe!


Are you wearing a cute pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a fancy dress for a date night? Wayuu Mochila Bags come in a variety of beautiful colors to complement any outfit. Choose a softer neutral color or colorful bag that makes you stand out and turn heads!



Wayuu bags are perfect for a day on the beach, a quick trip to a local shop, a sporting event, vacation or even a night out on the town. 



Worried about lacking fashionista? Have no fear, the Wayuu bag certainly makes a statement!  Make them your new "go-to" handbag for every occasion.


Always on the go and need a bag with plenty of room but most importantly comfortable to tote around?  The Wayuu bags large opening and the wide strap was designed especially for the person on the go.  They sit comfortably on your shoulder or for added comfort wear it as a cross-body.   The large bucket design allows for plenty of essentials and then some.  Once you use the Wayuu bag, you will not want to go back to your traditional handbag!  


We all know the struggle of having to zip our handbags.  They get caught, they break and eventually stop working.  The Wayuu bag features a tightly woven drawstring cord to cinch your bag closed without the hassle of a zipper.   

We'd love for you to share how you style your Wayuu bag!  Send us your comments. 


  • Madeline Grodsky Revkin

    Just sent message for free bracelet but not sure if it went thru. Bought several things at store….have you gotten in small cotton scarfs. Might be looking at the tote bags soon
    Thank you

  • Sarah Shaughnessy

    I’m so excited to have stopped into this store! Beautiful clothes and accessories, all with amazing stories of their origin. The store owner was fun and helpful. I can’t wait to go back!

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